The Ultimate Evanston Food Guide

The Ultimate Evanston Food Guide


We know that Northwestern students aren’t just hungry for knowledge; they’re hungry. So, we’ve complied a list of our favorite Evanston eateries for your dining pleasure. 1. The Second Floor of the Ford Building

Immediately after a conference commences, there will be a three-table-long buffet of food that would make a frugal Paula Dean piss herself. Accompanied by decaf and regular coffee and triangle shaped brownies, this hidden gem is a lot to digest.

Favorite dish: 1/4th of a sub sandwich with a side of a grape


2. The McCormick Tech Expo Career Fair

The dress code is a bit stricter at this joint and they operate on a policy of “no portfolio, no service.” But, if you’re willing to throw on a nice shirt and tie, you’re guaranteed to score some scones. Hey, Boeing may even show some interest. But probably not.

Favorite disk: bagel and schmear


3. The First Meeting of the Quarter

All you need in order to dine at The First Meeting of the Quarter is just a little interest. However, it is “listserv only.”

Favorite dish: a slice of pizza


4. Norbucks at 11:59pm

If you’re hanging in Norbucks just before closing time, a friendly Starbuck’s worker may just treat you to a slice of pound cake ;)

Favorite dish: whatever the hell they give you, you greedy son of a gun


5. Sheridan Road

While walking up an appetite along Sheridan, you are almost guaranteed to hear the cries of desperate student groups who just want you to be fed. Whether it’s a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm but not really because it means you have to take off your gloves to pay for it and hold it, or a chocolate chip cookie, this pop-up concession will surely not disappoint.

Favorite dish: potstickers from the Chinese Club


6. The Fall Activities fair

The Fall Activities Fair is a hungry Northwestern student’s wet dream. Sucking on a Starburst while overcommitting yourself? Pretty sweet.

Favorite dish: a KitKat


7. The Vending Machine on the Ground Floor of Norris

This one is a bit of a splurge, but it gains points in convenience. Not having to make small talk with a waiter makes up for the $1.50 bill.

Favorite dish: Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies


 8. The Sorority House

At this establishment, you get like the best food ever you could literally die.

Favorite dish: doesn’t matter, it’s coming back up anyway


9. The Front Pocket of My Backpack

Favorite dish: green tic tac


10.  LYFE Kitchen

Ranking just after The First Pocket of My Backpack is LYFE Kitchen. Known for its vegetarian and vegan dishes, LYFE is the place to go when you feel like a cow.

Favorite dish: Quinoa Crunch Bowl


Bon Appetit motherfuckers.

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