Trivia Crack Questions That You Will Definitely Get

Trivia Crack Questions That You Will Definitely Get


This game is your express ticket to becoming THE quirky-cool nerd of your friend group. So give that wheel a spin and prepare to have all of your sick knowledge validated.  Here are a few sets of questions that you will 100% without a doubt see: Trivia_Crack_logo

What is a Muggle? a. Uggle with an M b. Lady Gaga c. A term popularized by the Harry Potter series to describe a non-magical person d. Japan

What country was Abraham Lincoln the president of? a. Land of Lincoln b. American Sniper c. Lithuania d. The United States

Which word means “assured in one’s own abilities or character?” a. Lasagna b. Confident c. The cell membrane d. Shonda Rhimes

You are so incredible. Answer just one more correct and you’ll get a crown!

Which baby tooth did Benjamin Franklin lose first? a. Maxillary lateral incisor b. Mandibular canine c. Mandibular third molar d. Maxillary first premolar

Wait, you didn’t KNOW that one? No crown for you.


In Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, where did Mowgli grow up? a. The titular jungle b. His parents’ basement c. Hollywood d. A strip mall

 What color do you get when you mix red and yellow? a. Purple b. Blue c. Orange d. A Happy Meal

In the 1987 Super Bowl, by how many degrees did the weather forecast differ from the actual temperature? a. 6 b. 5 c. 7 d. 4

Oh c’mon man, that last one was practically a giveaway! What happened to your streak?


Which psychologist is credited as the father of psychoanalysis? a. Sigmund Freud b. Robin Thicke c. R. Kelly d. Princess Mia of Genovia

 What is the capital of the United States? a. Capitalism b. July 4th c. Washington DC d. The right to bear arms

Which item of clothing is typically worn on the feet? a. Coffee mugs b. Pants c. Underwear d. Socks

According to the creators of Finding Nemo, how much did the whale that swallowed Marlin and Dory weigh? a. 187 tons b. 191 tons c. 199 tons d. 182 tons

I CANNOT believe you just missed that one. And you thought you’d advance to the next level.


You were beaten by ___________ a. Your lab partner b. Your roommate c. Your dumb friend from home d. Your Welcome Week hookup

All of the fucking above. 


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