Simon Visits the Women Teachers Training College

Simon Visits the Women Teachers Training College

I hit ‘random article’ on Wikipedia and then rant about whatever I see. This week: the Women Teachers Training College. Oh fuck me is it Christmas already? Side note: I don't celebrate Christmas. Because I'm not some kind of fucking pussy that needs Jesus or even the corporate pseudo-Jesus you all celebrate. We are getting edgy today, if you didn't fucking notice.

Women Teachers Training College. Wow. Good fucking job Bangladesh. Now all you need is a population not infected with malaria and a stable economy and to get over your massive fucking inferiority complex to India and maybe the cool kids will let you sit at their lunch table. Maybe if you actually were relevant for anything besides Shere Khan and that one girl I knew in middle school who had weird lips I would actually give a shit but you aren't so I don't.

Anyway, the college has been housed at Shashi Lodge since 1952 and I'd like to point out that TextEdit (I don't write in Microsoft Word because I prefer not to suck off Bill Gates) didn't auto-correct Shashi to anything so I assume it's relevant on some weird level to the programmer. I'd assume the programmer is Bengali but someone somewhere would call me a racist, and while situationally they'd be full of shit it's not really a label I'd like applied to myself.

The problem with writing this article is that inherently I give no shits about this college and this random kid I haven't talked to in like four years is hitting me up on Facebook and honestly he is much cooler than I remember.

When we talked last he was kind of a bitch. I believe I called him a douche melon once and that was certainly not an overstatement. He was slightly exotic but inevitably something that women would use to clean out their inevitably dirty vaginas and that's about it. A glorified dildo/loofah combo.

That might sound a little explicit, but if you think that you should remember that you are a gigantic tool, the kind that the Keystone Cops would fumble over, ergo something no one gives a fuck about anymore. You are so dated that even film historians ignore you at this point.

Apparently Women Teachers Training College has deteriorated recently and its classrooms are no longer used for anything. Apparently some ministry decided it would be transferred to another location but honestly, what's the point?

What does WTTC do?

Who went there?

Did the women there create some sort of lifelong bond that supersedes the level of intimacy they find anywhere else, even with their lovers and husbands?

Or maybe the whole thing was one overextended PR move that one official couldn't let die.

Regardless, I don't give a shit. This is the kind of article that when you get it hitting random article you begin to question why you even do things like hit random article because you are getting literally zero return. Once more, oh mighty Wikipedia, I must question your ability to be some great international base of knowledge if you find it necessary to load your servers with crap like this.

And just to dissuade any amateur Betty Friedans out there, no, I'm not saying that this page is worthless because it's about a college for women. I'm saying it's worthless because if you took every single person who was looking for more information on Women Teachers Training College in the English version of Wikipedia and you stalked them on top of each other you would have a tower reaching an impressive height of zero point go fuck yourself, I think you get the point.

-Simon K Simon is also the genius behind the blog “Some Children Left Behind,” a resplendent collection of literature and poetry.

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