Sherman Ave 2012 Readers' Poll

According to numerous sources, Sherman Ave's complicity in the Apocalypse remains indeterminate The Second Annual Heiny Awards are upon us!

Admit it: We've had a crazy year together. From the supposed end of the Keg to the supposed end of the world as we know it, some pretty heinous shit has gone down. And through it all, whether you were following every Presidential debate or swept up in one of many race controversies, your good old pals over here at Sherman Ave have been right beside you, with our trusted music taste and handle of Skol, to help you through thick and thin.

We've reported on the news that other outlets were too chickenshit afraid to delve into. We've reported on the gladiatorial combat of Northwestern athletics. We've reported on Morty.

But most of all, we've been by your side, when you needed it most, clogging up your newsfeed with a daily dosage of heinous. It's been an honor, and we consider ourselves among the luckiest in the world.

Now that we've spent the past year telling you what you should think, it's time you gave us a piece of your mind. Take the second annual Sherman Ave Readers' Poll, and tell us all the things that you were always too afraid to say to our face. There is no better way to determine what was most important in the year 2012.

So go ahead, take the poll HERE! After all, #YOLO

Cordially, Sherman Ave

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