Who Should You Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve?

Who Should You Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve?


There's a big New Year's Eve party at Duane's house. You got to smooch someone at midnight, but who will it be? 1479475_10200251428567016_1752482713_nJacob

Why You Should: The dude is yolked. He can probably lift you if you give him the chance. He probably will ask you several times if he can lift you over his head, so if you're into spectacular feats of strength, Jacob is your man.

Why You Shouldn't: Jacob's favorite band is and will always be The Dave Matthews Band. It's silly and stuff, but do you really want to tell your kids that you kissed someone who loves the DMB?



Why You Should: Chad is so chill. Like super chill. On the Chill-O-Meter, he's safely a 38.33333. For reference, the Chill-O-Meter goes up to 42.

Why You Shouldn't: Chad is the type of guy you can make out with and then smoke a bowl of dank kush right after. Sounds nice, eh? Well, that Fantasy New Years comes at a price. By engaging him in a kiss and smoke session, you are obligated to be his bride.



Why You Should: Ah, Brenden. What a dream boat! He's got pillow soft lips. Need I say more?

Why You Shouldn't: While he may be kissing you at midnight, you know he's only doing it to get Celeste jealous.



Why You Should: Shannon's a funny guy who is sure to make New year's Eve party one to remember. He'll make cry with laughter with one of his classic one liners. And who doesn't want to kiss the comedian of the group?

Why You Shouldn't: Shannon is actually a figment of your imagination. He's been dead for two years! You see, after his tragic death, you couldn't reconcile with the loss, so your memory manifested him into your reality.



Why You Should: That lip ring tho. But really, all your friends have kissed him at some point, so why shouldn't you. By kissing Adam at midnight, it will create an even greater bond between you and your friends!

Why You Shouldn't: Adam is actually is 27-year-old adult who has been married for three years. Normally, that wouldn't stop you, but his wife and kid will be at the party. Yikes!

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Why You Should: He's a three-time Intercontinental Champion and a nine-time Hardcore Champion. And let's not forget he and Booker T's reign as World Tag Team Champions.

Why You Shouldn't: He likely won't be at the party at Duane's house.



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