White Privilege Under Attack, Panic Sets In

A disillusioned Carmichael-Livingston, coming to grips with his crumbling hegemony. UNITED STATES- As fewer white men hold positions of power and more statistics point to the increased role of minorities in the future of America, the long-standing foundation of white privilege appears to be in jeopardy.

These sudden realizations are terrifying white people across the country. Preston Carmichael-Livingston from Bethesda, Maryland is one of the many struggling to come to grips with the rapid descent of the entitlement of white people. “I just didn’t see this coming,” said Carmichael-Livingston. “I thought that we would get to decide when it all came to an end. We used to decide on everything: when racism was over, what women got to do with their bodies. Now? We’re left with nothing.”

Carmichael-Livingston was left to reflect upon the choices that he personally made leading to his standing. “Look, I voted for Obama, and I support gay marriage. But now I worry that my son might not thrive in a world that is not completely dominated by white American men.” It was at this point during the interview that Preston’s son, Tripp, entered the room carrying a soccer ball. Preston, visibly upset, yelled at his 8 year-old son “Goddamnit, Tripp. Carmichael-Livingstons play lacrosse! Lacrosse!”

The Carmichael-Livingston family is one of many disillusioned families that fear an America without a dominant single race or ethnicity. When asked what he would do next, Carmichael-Livingston said that he is short on options. “I don’t even know what to do anymore. I think the best option is to move to Canada. We’ve always loved Toronto, and I lived in D.C. under Marion Barry, so the transition shouldn’t be that difficult.”

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