Very High Person Just Loses Brilliant Idea

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DENVER-- Local savant Brian Douglas was on the cusp of some truly Earth-shattering knowledge, before he just lost his train of thought for a second. Douglas, 23, totally had an idea for a second there, maybe about technology, religion, or just life, man, leaving scientists, philanthropists, and just about everyone waiting desperately.

This idea, sure to improve society overall, is now gone “Like dust in the fuckin’ wind, man,” said Douglas. In a desperate effort to just try, and like, remember the idea Douglas returned to his bong and took this massive fucking hit. I wish you could’ve seen it. Brian is such an awesome dude. Just a solid guy. Anyways, the idea. This would’ve broken new ground, man. Everybody would’ve been working together and it would’ve worked for everybody. I feel like everybody has this same idea, like, lodged in their head but they just need, like, certain circumstances to get it out. Thoughts are powerful things. It's like when déjà vu happens and you just sit there and wonder if the rest of your life is already played out in your head. But like I believe in free will so I don't really know.

We should order a pizza.

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