The Daily Northwestern's First Online Posts Will Make You LOL

The Daily Northwestern is known as the primary news source of the student population of Chicago's Big Ten Team. For every fucksaw, race forum and football game lost in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, the Daily Northwestern time and time again is the first one of the first sites visited by truth-thirsty college students. Thanks to a tip from the Infinite Guest, we have some awesome throwback articles from when the Daily first got online. Nowadays we don't see many articles like this one from famous Medill Alum Garth. It really examines the underside (lol pun intended) of Northwestern.

This article by SoC student Brick Tamland shows one of the best twists I've ever seen. You thought it was gonna be about the lamp, but it was about the slacks all along!

Following in his father's footsteps, Brick Tamland Jr. shows us how the subtle use of repetition can really bring a point from mere speculation to undeniable truth.

Go to the original posts here, here and here. Quick, before the Medilldos delete them!

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