Study Abroad Student Shockingly Takes Picture Riding Camel

Cho's camel, lamenting the demanding lifestyle of a photogenic camel. RABAT, MOROCCO - In a wholly unprecedented move, Northwestern University junior Jeffrey Cho posted a picture of himself riding a camel to his Facebook timeline earlier this afternoon, sources report.

Cho, who has been studying abroad in Madrid since late August, had reportedly gone on a weekend trip to Morocco with four friends from his program.  He had told his parents in a Skype session last week that it would likely include "some type of desert excursion."

Jeffrey's father, Richard, admitted that he was especially shocked when he saw the picture on Facebook.

"I expected that my son's time studying abroad would contain a variety of new and eye-opening experiences," stated Cho.  "But never did it once occur to me that he would get a chance to get on the back of an animal that is as common as a horse where he is."

Rachel McMurtry, Cho's girlfriend of two years who is currently a senior at Northwestern, also expressed how astounded she was by the picture.

"I've known dozens of people who have studied abroad in Europe, but no one has ever posted a picture this amazing," claimed McMurtry.  "A camel?  A CAMEL?!?!  How many people can claimed that they studied abroad in Europe and rode a camel?!"

When asked about the experience, Cho didn't hesitate to reveal that riding a camel was only one of numerous unique and unforgettable experiences from his time abroad.

Exclaimed Cho, "I also took a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower when I went to Paris!  Europe is incredible!"

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