So You Hooked Up with Your Ex Over Break

So You Hooked Up with Your Ex Over Break


You told yourself you wouldn’t do it. You told yourself the day you saw your ex’s new profile picture that had someone hot in it. And then when you discovered that scorching sex panther was actually your ex’s blood relative, you still told yourself it couldn’t happen.

You were proud of yourself for not doing it over Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest the opportunity never presented itself between time with the “fam” and time spent re-watching Entourage. Sweet, sweet Entourage.


But you did it. You hooked up with your ex over winter break.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens to plenty of people.


“But I wanted a clean break up and now I have a mess on my hands!”

Let me put it this way, in the words of the one and only Vinny Chase: “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” Vinny loves omelets. Just ask Johnny Drama, Vince’s salty, yet lovable older brother and the unofficial cook for the entourage.

"Bro." - Johnny Drama

“Am I going to regret this?”

Trust me, it’s not going to hang over your head for too long. It’s just like turning down Aquaman II and fucking over any amicable relationship you could have had with Warner Bros.: In the end, life will work out if you stick to your principles.

They gave the sequel to Jake Gyllenhaal.  JAKE FUCKING GYLLENHAAL.  (via entourage.wikia.com)

“Does this mean we’re back together?”

Well, that depends. What do you want? Do you want to reconsider the love you once shared, or do you want to stay single smoking weed into your thirties, playing video games and living off your rich famous actor friend? There are only two options.

We're not pointing fingers though.  (via givememyremote.com)

“Can we just pretend this never happened?”

Can we just pretend Medellin never happened? No, it’s blemish on Vince’s career and a choice we’ll all have to live with for the rest of our lives.

C'mon, Vince.  (via givememyremote.com)


The bottom line is that it was bound to happen, and it’s not the end of the world. You can’t live with regrets. You either fix your problems or learn from them. Sure it’s awkward after the fact, but you’ll be leaving soon anyway – Off to New York for three months where you’ll be shooting Queen’s Boulevard and messin’ around with your boys. And that’s what it’s all about anyway, right? Life is not about the women. It’s not about the cars. It’s not about the mansions or star-studded cameos. It’s about brotherhood. It’s about friendship.



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