Sherman Ave's Debut Fashion Photo Blog

Sherman Ave's Debut Fashion Photo Blog


Is that a runway at Paris fashion week, or just Sheridan Road? With so many fashionable students on campus, sometimes it sure can be hard to tell! That’s why Sherman Ave sent its own fashion photographer Seth Warren out on the streets to capture some of the latest trends for our debut photo blog!  


Medill junior Maggie Blake sports knee-high black leather boots, a chic army-green coat with brassy buttons, and tops her outfit off with a warm white knit headband. That's how you do fashion!


IMG_9702 Weinberg senior Abby Cohen rocks a vintage black-and-white-mixed wool sweater and—Wait, is that Stephanie? What's she doing out? She told me she’d be at work all afternoon…


IMG_9723Jeez, it is her. I don’t understand why she’d lie to me; we’ve never kept secrets from each other before. Who’s that guy she’s with?


IMG_9733 Colin? My freshman-year floormate whom Stephanie's always studying with late at night for bio ever since I introduced them last month? Well I’m sure they’re just talking about the homework or—



STEPHANIE. STEPHANIE, HOW COULD YOU?! Oh god, my heart. Now I know what it is to feel as distressed as a pair of shredded, acid-washed jeans.


IMG_9774Well, well, well. Who has the fashion blog caught here? It looks like Weinberg Heartless-She-Devil-Whom-I-Gave-Everything-To Stephanie Baumgartner wearing Colin Maslow’s gross saliva all over her mouth.


IMG_9799Don’t you tell me to just “Be cool, bro.” I don’t understand, Stephanie. I gave you everything… What do you mean, we’ve been growing apart for months, and I should have seen this coming? I have not spent so much time looking through the lens of a camera that in capturing life, I’ve forgotten how to live it, and neglected you and your needs. Well here’s another snapshot for the blog: McCormick Backstabbing-Bastard-Who-I-Trusted-Like-A-Brother Colin Maslow wearing my fist on his face!



Stephanie, come back. My heart bleeds for you, and yes, technically so does my nose, thanks a lot to Colin Maslow's sissy right hook. My whole body is pain.


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