Sherman Ave Presents: 2013 Readers' Poll

2013 was certainly an exciting year - with Vine-ing, and twerking, and cultural appropriation (OH MY!). And despite some close calls, from the government shutdown to the viral infection that was the "Harlem Shake," we somehow made it out alive because we can't stop (#culturalreferencealert).

Yes, through thick and through thin (Sherman Ave likes it thick, if YOUKNOWWHATIMSAYINNNNNNN), we all fought our way through this goddamn mess of a year - with Sherman Ave clearing the way.

Though you may doubt it, Sherman Ave has done its best to be there for you throughout this hellish year: coaching you through pretending to actually be from Chicago, aiding you in good times and bad through the Northwestern football season, and even occasionally providing you with helpful insight. We're your guardian angel, your fairy godmother, your alcoholic grandpa who occasionally screams at you but really does mean well.

And while we do love blindly giving you advice without any regard to what you care about, the time has come for you to talk back (but only this once. We don't want you to think this is some thing you can just do whenever the fuck you feel like it).

So please, PLEASE, take our Third Annual End of the Year Reader's Poll and give us your useless opinions. We promise to have our intern Dave read them.

Here it is. HERE. RIGHT HERE. CLICK IT. #YoloSwag

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A Detailed Schedule for a New Years Spent Alone