Sherman Ave Freshman Guide: Living in CCS

Sherman Ave Freshman Guide: Living in CCS

It’s a lazy summer afternoon: the sun is beating down on the lush greenery outside, the birds are chirping almost lyrically, the wind is sweeping the aroma of flowers and freshly cut grass through the air, and you just finished whacking it in your fucking hot-as-shit room. As you’re cleaning yourself up, you notice a little “(1)” on your Northwestern email tab that you have open for some reason. As you throw away your gross tissues, you click the tab and navigate to your inbox to read your new email. It’s from “Residential Services – University Housing Administration,” and the subject line reads, “Your Housing Assignment.” You open the email and read: Dear Student,

Congratulations! You have been assigned the College of Cultural and Community studies as your living arrangement for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

You sit there for a second, and then realize that your pants are still down. You redress yourself and look at the email again. A single thought runs through your head:

What the fuck is the College of Cultural and Community Studies?

This, apparently. (via The Daily Northwestern)

Don’t worry. You got assigned a pretty good dorm. Here’s the 411 on CCS:


Rooms: Chapin is known-ish as having the biggest rooms on campus. CCS’s rooms, however, are pretty sizeable as well. Being a fucking try-hard civil engineering major, I actually measured my double last year, which turned out to be 12’ x 20’. Many of the doubles in CCS used to be two singles before some shit happened and the walls between them were knocked down.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms are works of art. The dorm was renovated a few years ago, and the restrooms look like they belong in Elon Musk’s house*. A few of the bathrooms are male/female, so guys can expect to see tampon/pad disposal bins left open for the whole fucking world to see and ladies can expect to see sinks literally caked in shaved-off facial hair.

Lounges: The lounges, albeit recently renovated, look like they were designed by a 3-year-old. Rumor has it that the interior designer of CCS was fired after she completed the lounges. If this is true, she was fired for good reason: the lounges look like day-cares, and she bought marble-topped tables for one of the lounges that cost $3,000 a piece. That combined with the thousands of dollars she overpaid for the couches and chairs could have been put to better use by purchasing virtually anything else, like hot tubs or a CCS Bentley. That being said, the 60” (?) TVs in the lounges are pretty nice.

Facilities: Facilities include a kitchen that’s completely unventilated in one of the two basements, a laundry room that used to eat quarters but now can’t because laundry is free, and a storage room that I’m, like, 40% sure residents are allowed to use to store their bikes in the winter.

Food: Sargent has a dining hall and conveniently located about 45 seconds away from CCS. Elder also has a “dining hall,” but for an establishment to qualify as a dining hall, it has to serve food. And the stuff served at Elder is more akin to charcoal and surface runoff than to food. A café, Lisa’s, is also located nearby.

Location: CCS is located in the frat quad, which has its ups and downs. It’s about a two-minute walk from Tech and a three-minute walk from Frances Searle Hall, which is great for STEM and communications students. It’s also close to some relatively all right food options. On the other hand, it’s in the frat quad, and some of CCS’s neighbors are, errr… less than desirable**. Get placed in the wrong room and you’ll be kept up by delinquents until 3 AM.

RAs: I legitimately left a bottle of absinthe, a bottle of Bailey’s, and a bottle of sloe gin on my end table right next to a coffee maker (also a banned item), all in plain sight. I invited my RA in for a drink on a few occasions. She never accepted, but also never wrote me up because she was #fly. Be nice to the RAs, and they’ll be nice to you.

Community: The CCS community was the only part of the dorm that I took issue with while living there, albeit relatively minor. Many facets of the community are great; residents are very friendly, the dorm is pretty quiet, and the college often paid for excursions into cultural areas in Chicago for food***. The dorm is only home to about 50 people, which I enjoyed as well. We share a building with GREEN house, which is something that many CCSers seem to dislike, but I’ve never really had an issue with it****. However, I, like most people, like to do something with my Friday and Saturday nights, and many residents of CCS were a bit judgmental about that. Many times when I would go out, I wouldn’t even be drinking or going to a party. Nevertheless, I got a reputation as a “party animal,” despite that fact that there probably isn’t a less accurate way to describe me.

All in all, CCS is a pretty great dorm. Having been recently renovated is a big plus, and the residents are very likable for the most part. There’s a reason I’m going back as a sophomore to live there again, and it’s not because I like doing my work on a $3,000 table.


* …should he ever feel the need to put stalls and 3’ x 3’ showers in his bathrooms.

** See: Shitty (adj.). Also, keep in mind that not all of CCS’s neighbors are bad. I’m not going to name names because, well, we wouldn’t want to ~*offend*~ anyone, now would we?

*** These trips are how the college honors its “culture and community” theme. As you can see, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

****PROTIP: For whatever reason, nobody knows where the crap CCS is located, but people know where GREEN house is. If someone asks where CCS is, just say that it’s in the same building as GREEN house.

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