Reality vs Expectations: the College Classroom Edition

Look at me I'm so disdained. Fuq u, school. When will Summer cum. I mean come.

Either I’m really bad at taking notes or these exams are vastly more complicated than what we're taught in lecture.

Statistics Lecture: 1+2 =3 Exam: Solve for cancer

Art Lecture: Humans have created wondrous art throughout the ages Exam: How does this ceramic vagina make you feel?

Econ Lecture: Mark Witte talks about guns and butter Exam: Now fix Europe

Film Lecture: Great movies tug at the heartstring and leave us identifying with the characters Exam: Write an alternate ending to Spring Breakers

Gender Studies Lecture: We’re going to cover intimate details on 19th century sexualities in Paris Exam: Why are you still single

Journalism Lecture: You need to need to spend an hour reading about Afghanistan’s elections if you want to do well on these current events quizzes Exam: Who won the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album last night

International Relations Lecture: 'MURRICA Exam: Write as fast as you can for the next 200 minutes and make sure to drop in words like “hegemony”

Advanced Psychology Lecture: Freud is wrong and you are not qualified to psychoanalyze anyone Exam:  You will question your own sanity and try to diagnose everyone you know

English Lecture: Everything is either a Christ figure or a phallus Exam: Now tell me the name of a character who briefly appeared in one scene

Philosophy Lecture: Things are things, is there a God? The answer is what you want it to be Exam: You have 50 minutes to write an essay on the meaning of life

Intro to Psychology Lecture: Penis Exam: Describe how the fabric of interconnecting cells that blankets the brain hemispheres interacts with the amygdala to produce emotional responses

Geography Lecture: Here's where South Carolina is. Exam: Draw a to-scale map of the Canadian maritime provinces

Teaching Education Lecture: Children are the future Exam: Leave school for a quarter and question your own future

Lady Keystone, Charlotte Clunt, Felicity Jenkins, Clint Taurus

NU Researchers Discover Strange New Object in the Sky

Infographic: Should You be on Tinder?

Infographic: Should You be on Tinder?