Places You Can and Can't Meet Potential Love Interests at Northwestern

Places You Can and Can't Meet Potential Love Interests at Northwestern


Maybe you're a freshman looking for your first shot at college love, or maybe you're a McCormick senior looking to kiss a girl for the first time - in either case, it's difficult finding the right place on campus where you can meet a potential romantic partner. However, in efforts to increase the sad amounts of love and lovin' on the Northwestern campus, Sherman Ave has put together a guide to which Northwestern locations are love-friendly. Deering Library



A lot of Chemistry goes on in this building - if you know what I'm saying. Organic Chemistry. You're not meeting anyone here.

Norris University Center

The Norris Center is a great place to relax and grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. By yourself. Alone.

Northwestern Fraternity Quad

I know what you're thinking: "Of course I'm not going to meet my next boyfriend or girlfriend at any of those places, they're not intended for things like that. I'll definitely meet people at frat parties though. That's where everyone gets weird."

And you're right, people do get weird at frat parties, and that weirdness looks like this:

Not Pictured: Socializing of Any Kind

Northwestern's Henry Crown Sports Pavillion (aka SPAC)

Though there are definitely some non-PG-13 encounters that go on at SPAC, they pretty exclusively tend to be like a theatre major's future career endeavors: sad one-man shows.

Cahn Auditorium


Kresge Centennial Hall


Theatre Interpretation Center


Ryan Field

Even if we win, there's no way you're scoring.

Theatre Interpretation Center

Still no can do.

University Library

Ha, no.

Well erm....umm....yeah. There you have it. All of the places at Northwestern you can and cannot meet potential romantic partners at Northwestern. We hope this was....helpful? We're sorry. God. We're so sorry. On the bright side, there's all The Ke-- Fuck.

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