Northwestern's Drug of Choice by School

Northwestern's Drug of Choice by School


Weinberg – Marijuana enhanced-13747-1406841113-18

Everyone knows that you’re a total pot-head. You own a pair of boxers that say “420 reefer dude”. You wake up with joints all over your bed that you rolled in your sleep. One time, you even got so high that you bought 30 bags of Swedish Fish from Lisa’s Café and poured them out in the lake to “set them free”. There’s hardly any time for other drugs between your huge puffs of that precious ganja. Except for the occasional Adderall binge, that is.

McCormick – Adderall


Let’s face it. You were the kid who didn’t even drink your Freshman year, but that didn’t save you from falling behind in EA2 during Winter Quarter. You asked your friend for some MatLab help, and she told you, “Listen. I just toss back a couple of these blue little guys, and the code kinda flows out of my fingertips. I don’t know how it happens, but if you want an A in this class, you’ve gotta do Adderall.” You haven’t touched MatLab in over 2 years now, but you’re still buying Adderall from that same friend.

Communications – Alcohol/Adderall


Two years ago, your drug of choice would have been alcohol, hands down. But ever since Sophomore year when you discovered “Power Mode” (mixing alcohol with Adderall), it’s dominated your life. Now your typical pregame line-up is: 2 shots, 10mg bump of Adderall, 1 strong mixed drink, 1 reluctant shot, 1 desperate 5mg bump of Adderall. And that’s all on top of the Adderall XR you took that morning because you were feeling sleepy.

SESP – Ritalin

ritalin“Learning never exhausts the mind” – Leonardo Da Vinci. Unlike some of your friends in other schools, you’re not afraid of a little work here and there. 2 hours in the library? No problem. But when finals season comes around, you’re studying almost every night, and Ritalin gives you the perfect buzz to take care of it. Not too long, not too intense – just like your 3 years here at NU.

Bienen – Cigarettes/Adderall

66429.original-3839This one’s a toughie. You’ve probably experimented with a lot of drugs throughout your life, and you might not even consider either of these your “favorite drug”, but God damn, these are the only ones you just can’t get enough of. So what if you haven’t gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in over a year and a half? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice Adderall laced American Spirit every now and then.

Medill – N/A

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You actually don’t do drugs at all. There’s no time for pleasure in your life, only errors and corrections. Dean Baquet, Editor in Chief of the New York Times, sure as hell doesn’t spend his weekends hitting doobies, so neither do you. Although if you were to do a drug, you’d probably try Adderall. It sounds like fun based on what your friends in other schools have said about it.

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