Look Cute This Season: 11 Fashion Tips for Winter in Evanston

Wear something practically identical to a sleeping bag. Wow, it really compliments her figure!

Make sure to show that your school spirit doesn't die along with everything else this winter.

Werq that wildcat walk ;).  Don't forget that tights under tights under jeans under sweatpants really accentuates those thigh muscles!

See how many hats you can wear at once - a fun fashion game for the season!

r u from tundra

Try wrapping a scarf around your entire face to make a statement.


Pro-tip: Four layers of disgustingly neon yellow gloves will bring out your eye color.

Brighter than the sun you haven't seen in four months.

Step out of your comfort zone; leave your lips painfully chapped this season.

The bleeding really accents your corpse-like skin tone.

Take a risk - incorporate Halloween masks into your wardrobe to liven up a bleak winter.

2 k00l 4 sk00l yo

Don't choose a stiff coat this winter; get something that conforms to a fetal position!

So much give up in one photo.

Bring some holiday cheer to your winter gear!

It's never to early to dress like a ratchet elf hoodlum.

That neon fanny pack isn't just for DM! Use it for easy access to extra winter gloves.

Like a fucking kangaroo in the Arctic.

But really, please just dress like this in winter.

You've already lost your toes; what else is there to lose?

- Charlotte Clunt and Lady Keystone

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