List of Probable Passcodes on Someone Else's iPhone

List of Probable Passcodes on Someone Else's iPhone

iPhone You’re hanging out with your friend/significant other/second cousin twice removed, and absolutely killing the conversation with your finely tuned anecdotes when they excuse themselves to the bathroom, thoughtlessly leaving their phone behind. You’ve been presented with a golden opportunity: For the next 90-120 precious seconds, the haven of personal data stored on their cell phone belongs to you (sort of). After a shorter-than-you’d-like-to-admit moral dilemma, you swipe the screen, prepared to engage in all sorts of backstabbing hijinks, when drat! A lock screen. The only thing standing between you and posting that hilarious Facebook hack/taking 500 selfies/texting every single one of their contacts “will u plz diarrhea in my mouth?” is 10,000 possible 4-digit combinations. Thankfully, like the plot of a Vin Diesel movie, human nature is predictable, and your friend’s passcode can probably be narrowed down to one of these highly probable combinations.


Passcode: Their Birthday

Significance: This seems like a pretty reasonable guess. And it shows that you remember their birthday!


Passcode: Your birthday

Significance: The most important day of the year! Hard to believe this wouldn’t be their passcode.


Passcode: 1422

Significance: The year in which the Teutonic Knights sign the Treaty of Melno with the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania after the brief Gollub War. Who could ever forget that?


Passcode: 3454

Significance: The year of the Cybernetic Revolt in which robots ascend to power and man becomes subservient to machine. Who will could ever forget that?


Passcode: 1234

Significance: The equivalent of making your password “Password.” This person’s favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, their favorite sex position is missionary, and their name is Please Write Your Baby’s First Name Here.


Passcode: 1101

Significance: Try this if the phone your hacking belongs to a computer nerd with a special place in their heart for the decimal value 13.


Passcode: Any combination of numbers that spell out “boob” “dick” “shit” “poop” “turd” or any other dirty little string of four letter words.

Significance: Heh.


Passcode: 6969

Significance: Similar in tone to the four-letter Letterman-in-training, this passcode is more of a visual gag.


Passcode: 2358

Significance: Fibonacci numbers. I saw this work one time in a Dan Brown novel.

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