I Did Northwestern's Dance Marathon Even When...

I Did Northwestern's Dance Marathon Even When...


NUDM2015 Northwestern Dance Marathon—it’s a marathon of dancing. Literally. It is thirty hours of dance. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Still questioning whether or not you should register to dance? Alas, fret not. Sherman Ave interviewed Northwestern students to get some inspiring interviews from people who have done Dance Marathon, even when the odds were against them! (Note: Completely separate from this interview).


“I did NUDM even when I had a midterm and a paper due two days after DM!”

Louis Crest, McCormick, ‘15


“I did NUDM even when I was recovering from a really bad cold.”

Jasmine Espinoza, Weinberg, ‘16


“I did NUDM even when I found that body in the Bobb basement. The police were like, ‘We need you for questioning,’ and I was like, ‘Sorry, gotta go dance! It’s too bad they’ll never find the killer.’”

Omika Vatmala, School of Communication, ’15, Fugitive


“I did NUDM even when my water broke on the dance floor. I was about nine months pregnant at the time, and I could feel my baby trying to make moves out the womb. I told the DM people, ‘Let me out of the tent! I’m having a baby!” And they were like, ‘Ha ha! We’ve heard that one before. It’ll take a way better excuse to get out of the tent.’ So, around block seven, I popped that little sucker out just in time to change for block eight’s theme.”

Tiffany Jennison, SESP, ‘17


“I did NUDM even during the full moon. Mother Gaia, forgive me.”

Grenadine van der Wolv, Medill, ‘17


“I did NUDM even when that renegade tractor burst through the west side of the tent and mowed down every dancer in its path. It was so inspiring seeing the committee members pick up their emergency DM javelins and throw them at the tractor in an attempt to stop it. I remember the fiery explosion from the engine when two dancers threw themselves in front of the tractor to prevent it from destroying the popsicles. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

Dillon Bates, Bienen, ‘16


“I did NUDM even when my boyfriend, Chet Bradley Berger-Zimmerman, broke up with me an hour before we went into the tent. I danced, even though he destroyed me. He ripped my heart out. I planned all of these costumes for the block themes, and he was supposed to be my partner for like, half of them, but it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s not like the entire time while we were dancing, I thought about the way his hair smelled, the little chip in his tooth, the way he’d leave me voicemails in the morning. Speaking of voicemails, why haven’t you returned my calls, Chet? Are you dancing this year? Is there another girl? Is it Becky? I fucking knew it. God damn it, Chet, I gave you everything. My entire being. Fuck you, Chet. You and your rattlesnake penis, because all you do is poison with your love bites. You poisoned me with your love, Chet. How do you sleep at night?”

Sabrina Brown, McCormick, ‘17


“I did NUDM even when the South decided to rise again and everyone in the tent was drafted into the Second United States Civil War. We carried the tent 676 miles to Birmingham, Alabama so we could fight while dancing. So many good men and women were lost, but we danced. I remember doing karaoke and spilling the blood of my enemies upon our tent’s soil. The dancing doesn’t stop. And now, I own Texas.

General Isaac M. Berkowitz, United States Army, School of Communication ‘15



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