Homecoming Court Voter Guide: Kate Mattax

We conducted extensive interviews in an effort to assess the viability of each royal member of the Homecoming Court to lead Northwestern University as its Homecoming King or Queen. Kate Mattox is, judging by this picture, a Northwestern fan, and seemed fairly receptive to the idea of giving us a Homecoming sash of our own.

So what are you studying here at Northwestern?

Social Policy and Spanish.

Do you want to combine the two?

Well, I they're both great. I think in the world of Social Policy being able to communicate with more people is always better. And I'd like to work in education, and of course in public schools Spanish is an important language.

So when did you discover your passion for Social Policy and Spanish?

Both in high school, actually. I had a senior thesis in high school, which sounds more important than it actually is. I'm from Springfield, Missouri and my thesis was on niche education, and in a classroom with children with both ends of the spectrum of special needs, both low and high, how you incorporate them both into the classroom, because that's basically what's available to most students. And the Spanish was just -- I took Spanish classes and had a crazy Spanish teacher and she was wild, and a lot of her activities were great. I thought it was really interesting, and after I graduated high school while I was applying to Northwestern I was applying to a study abroad program to do a gap year. I graduated high school and I went to Paraguay for a year, and that where I really got to explore that whole experience of being an exchange student and also being in a Spanish country and especially Paraguay, a country I didn't know much about at all but there's not much to know because it's such an unexplored country. I came back here and started studying education, and I wanted to incorporate what I had learned in Paraguay to what I learned here.

So who's the most relevant person to come from Springfield?

Ever? I mean, Brad Pitt is from Springfield, Missouri, and that might be the most relevant today. That's about it for Springfield. And Andy's. Actually, I'd say Andy's is the most relevant thing to come out of Springfield.

Why did you choose to come to Northwestern?

I was looking at schools in Chicago, and actually thought I'd go to University of Chicago because it looked like Hogwarts. I came up in the same weekend with my Dad, and he fell in love with the campus and told me I might as well apply. I applied in 2008, and in that year 2,000 applications were removed because ACT didn't send the official scores, so I get this email and of course I get on the phone and I say 'excuse me, I'd like to still be considered.' So they told us to re-submit the scores and we'd be reconsidered, and we really were. I got accepted and after being gone for a year I wanted to be closer to home and Chicago is a pretty easy trip.

What's your favorite and least favorite thing about where you're from?

My favorite thing is that Springfield is in the Ozarks, which people call God's County in the most beautiful part of the country -- rolling hills, springs, it's just very beautiful. All four seasons very well represented. My least favorite thing is that it's a little small, so there's not a lot of cultural or intellectual stimulation outside of your typical high school experience.

I don't think this next question anybody's answered yet. But if you had to marry, kill, or screw anybody on the Homecoming Court, who would it be?

I think I'll abstain from answering that as well.

Can you please define Northwestern hot?

I would say tall, handsome, intellectual -- for males. [Oh my God, is she describing me?]

I guess for females maybe medium-to-tall height.

Would you rule the Homecoming Court like Roberts on the Supreme Court, or LeBron James on the basketball court?

I'm going to go with LeBron James on the basketball court.

On a scale of 0 to 1, how would you rate your comprehension of the binary system?


How would you use your position as Homecoming Queen to further a two-state solution in Israel?

Well, because being Homecoming Royalty obviously opens doors across not only the nation, but internationally, I would use those well-established connections to work with political leaders in all different areas. Basically, my title would kind of provide those opportunities.

Who is your favorite ethnically ambiguous character from the Harry Potter series?

Oh, I forgot somebody told me this question was happening. I think Grindelwald is pretty ethnically ambiguous. He's not a main part of the story, but without him there would be no story. Unsung. Unsung villain of the books.

So what's your favorite book?

I am an avid Harry Potter fan. In fact, I may have been titled the "biggest Harry Potter Fan" at my internship.

That's a bold claim. You know [fellow Homecoming Court royal member] Sophie Friedman has a Harry Potter quote tattooed on her?

She does. I know. My mother would be very sad if I had a tattoo, so I don't have it in me. You know they're making the book Cloud Atlas into a movie? That's one of my favorite authors. And I love the classic children's stories. Stella Luna. Goodnight Moon.

If one of the teachers at Hogwarts was your Chem TA, who would you most want as your Chem TA?

Well, I wouldn't be taking Chem. Ever. But I would definitely want Professor McGonagall.

Can you talk about your favorite Taylor Swift song and how it represents what you've learned throughout your life about overcoming adversity?

Absolutely. I really, really would have to say it's probably her most recent hit, "We are never getting back together." I really think it stands for putting yourself out there -- emotionally, physically, intellectually into a relationship, and realizing that might not work and having the strength to say 'I'm going to do what I need to do what I need to do, and never get back together. Like ever.'



If given the choice, would you prefer to be eaten by a shark in the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific. Even though it's not peaceful, that's where the word comes from. So, it would probably be the better way to go.

If you're getting married and your spouse wants to spend a week-long honeymoon in a place without electricity, but the honeymoon is in a place without electricity, how do you respond?

I think you have to reconsider the wedding.

That's the best answer we've had so far. Now we want to give you the setup for the joke, and we want you to come up with the punchline in 30 seconds. So how many Wildcats does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

And I have to come up with the answer?





...Two. One to screw it in and one to decide to turn on the on-switch.

Can you describe your ideal date with Brad Stewart?

I'd have to be taken to an ASG Senate meeting, because I've never attended one. But I'd like everyone to know I was attending. There should be a warm welcome reception -- banners would be nice. And then I would actually like to lead the Senate myself.

Great. So last question. If each of the twelve members of Homecoming Court were one of the months of the year, who would Kyra be? 

I'm definitely going to go with April. Bubbly. Fresh. Springtime. I kind of associate that with her personality.

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