Freshman Guide to Funtacular Dorm Room Decorations

Freshman Guide to Funtacular Dorm Room Decorations


I see a spirit before me. She is naked and dripping wet, with the look of death in her eyes. On her face is a smile, and as she walks to the foot of my bed and reaches her emaciated arms towards me I ask her “who goes there?” She says nothing. All she does is smile and beckon, asking me to come closer.  

  1. Spice up your living space with a festive theme!

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re going to want to fill your life with pumpkin spice and everything nice. (via decoist.com)

I haven’t slept for five days. I look down at my hands and I can’t tell whether or not they are still there. The sagging skin, the bones rippling jaggedly beneath the surface. I don’t see a being now, I’m looking at my skin and flesh, but where is my soul? There is the window, and beyond that the sun. Tonight I’ll make the journey back to the land of horrors and confront the inhuman monstrosities that inhabit the world under the moon. Their eyeless faces still terrify me after all this time.


  1. Don’t buy, make!

Nothing is more sincere than a gift from the heart, made by the hands.

If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine the end, but when I open them again I’m still there, staring at my bedroom wall. The wallpaper is peeling off, and underneath it thin streams of blood pour out onto the floor. But whose blood? Is all of this between my eyes and brain? Maybe if I were blind the horrors would stop. Maybe if don’t sleep tonight I won’t have to dream this all again tomorrow.


  1. Embrace your colorful side!

Who says you have to have only one favorite color? (via pinterest.com)

It’s a corned beef sandwich, so why can’t I swallow it? I chew and I chew but there is some kind of demon in my throat, the worst kind. The kind that sidles up next to you in your weakest moments and whispers unspeakable eternal truths into your ear. Truths that no human being should ever know. If you could see the terrifying reality I can, could you eat a sandwich in peace? I doubt it. I’ve seen the colors of existence stretched out on the astral plane and every waking moment is another death. 



  1. Go Retro!

They are waiting outside the gates to tear me limb from limb a thousand times. There is no respite. (via desktopwallpapers4me.com)

 Every year the big arts and craft stores will sell the same hip, modern designs that will make your room look the same as the rest of them. Don’t do it! Any old pawn shop or flea market will have boatloads of fun retro items to sift through. Whether you feel like Classic Rock, Disco, or old school Hip Hop is your style, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty to find some super-cool retro gems!


  1. Don’t worry about it too much!

There are so-so-so many fun things to do, you might never have time to appreciate your hard work decorating. (via gettyimages.ae)

This is it. I don’t know where I got the dagger in my hand but I can feel the spirits coming closer now. I will no longer abide underneath their glares. Whatever is out there in the darkness will surely kill me, but I have to try. If I can gain their respect, I might break bread with the dancing ghosts of the full moon, and even if I lose myself and end up as a wailing, bleeding creature as part of their ungodly army, it will be better than living in fear. Fear of them.

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