Freshman Guide: South Campus vs. North Camps

Freshman Guide: South Campus vs. North Camps

As an incoming freshman, there’s only going to be two questions on your mind – what’s just like a random, quirky fun-fact about myself and where should I live?!  And the biggest decision when it comes to first year housing is whether you’re going to live on South Campus (school lingo for the southern half of campus) or in one of North Korea’s Work Camps (American lingo for 일 캠프). So we’re going to lay out how both housing situations are in different areas and see which one has more to offer your Wildcat experience. Rawr!


  • South Campus: Do you enjoy spending time with creative types, open books, and keyed-in individuals? Then you might just fit in on South Campus.
  • North Camps: Do you enjoy spending time with more mathematical types, practical thinkers, and those who deny the authoritarian dictatorship government of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea? Then the North may just be your cup of tea!

Noise Control

  • South Campus: If you’re living in Jones then you better like the sound of singing! This place has people singing and dancing at ALL hours. So if you’re a late night songbird and a heavy sleeper, South could be the place for you.
  • North Camps: If you’re living in a work camp, then you better like the sound of screaming untried enemies of the state! This place has people crying for the loss of their freedom at ALL hours. So if you don’t mind the anguishing pain of fellow traitors of the state, North has to be the place for you.

Hook-Up Culture

  • South Campus: On South Campus you have a lot of arty-hippy people, so expect to make-out hard with a bunch of people and not have to worry if it means anything. It’s college baby!
  • North Camps: Going from impressive to oppressive… in the camps of the North you have a lot of people fighting for survival, so expect to cuddle up because the feeling of human connection is the only thing they can’t take from you! And don’t worry if they put you in solitary confinement. It’s North Korea baby!

Basic Human Rights:

  • South Campus - Expect everything from freedom of speech, to freedom of expression, religious practice, and clean water.
  • North Campus - Expect the freedom of going to sleep without hearing someone rap the entirety of Hamilton, amiright?!


  • South Campus – Generally pretty edgy, woke, and Birkenstocks.
  • North Camps - Not much individuality at all. Everyone wears exactly the same thing every day, really boring. Apparently, when you take away someone’s freedom, you get their sense of style as well!

Living Quality:

  • South Campus: If you’re going south, expect dingy rooms, cracked showers, and questionably edible food. Go cats!
  • North Camps: If you’re going North, expect questionably edible food, cracked showers, and pretty dingy rooms. Go Supreme Leader and Eternal Comrade Kim Jong-Un!

Proximity To Pyongyang:

  • South Campus - If you're thinking about visiting North Korean capital Pyongyang a lot then South Campus might not be for you. Especially in the winter it can be a real a trek, so when you're craving some Guksu noodles - you might be in t-t-t-trouble.
  • North Camps - The North Korean work camps are perfect for all us Pyongyang-philes out there. Must live! But do remember that you won't have the freedom to roam or leave the work camps, which can kind of put a damper on a thirsty Thursday.

So there you go! Whether it’s painting the rock or manually breaking rocks with pickaxes, Northwestern has something for everyone. And for those of you who want the oppressive regime of North Korea with the Wildcat community of South Campus, definitely check out into the study abroad program at Northwestern Qatar Campus. Go Cats!


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