Close Encounters of Two Study Abroad Students

Close Encounters of Two Study Abroad Students


Kyle is back at school after studying in France last semester, an experience which completely changed his perspective on life. Look at that Francophile--how cultured! 1

Who is that? Oh, it’s Dave! Dave studied in South America last semester and loves to tell people about how warm it is in Argentina right now. 2

Dave and Kyle eagerly say hello, each certain that his experience abroad was more enlightening than the other’s. Both undergraduates cock their passive-aggressive gun of life changing anecdotes.


Kyle tells Dave about how he trekked in the Alps for three weeks, and really grew to be in touch with nature, and thus, with himself.


Dave is relieved Kyle is done talking so he can tell him how his experience was. Dave tells Kyle about the beautiful Argentine woman he spent a night with, skillfully hiding that she only pity-kissed him on the cheek after he confessed his love in broken Spanish.5

Kyle feels threatened by this arguably better anecdote.6

Kyle shows Dave the train tour he took while in Europe, one-upping Dave's Argentine fling. Coincidentally, it perfectly matches the tour taken in the movie Eurotrip, a 2004 buddy comedy about a fictional series of mishaps which strangely ends in a perfect--and unrealistic--resolution.7

Nailed it. Kyle reflects upon all the experiences he experienced while abroad, and the cultural benefits of studying a diverse and varying plethora--8


Kyle briefly worries about the throbbing void in his mouth which his two molars occupied, but this thought takes a backseat when he begins wonders if there is a currency exchange nearby to trade his leftover Euros.10

Meanwhile Dave has claimed Kyle’s study-abroad experience. What a great semester it was in France!


-- Pip Sleazy and Scurvy Jacobson


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