Camp Rock Review: One Step Up from Pippin

Camp Rock Review: One Step Up from Pippin

The following is a Q&A with a producer and another producer of The Freshman Musical: Camp Rock. Their names are withheld because they are young little babies who can’t handle the heat of the internet comment section. Also, we forgot them. Here’s how it went:


Sherman Ave: How did you get the Jonas Brothers to come out of retirement for this?

Producer: It was a long process.

Other Producer: A lot of thoroughly phrased emails.

Sherman Ave: Can you give us an example of a “thoroughly phrased email”?

Producer: No those are confidential.


Sherman Ave: Why did you pick this?

Producer: Freshman Musical is supposed to be a raucous bit of a show. The point is for it to be a fun show and something fun for the freshman to get involved in.

Other Producer: We’re freshman we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing we’re just bumbling around.

Producer: Off the record! We know exactly what we’re doing, we’re doing a great job. Write that down!


Sherman Ave: Are you a freshman?

Producer: Yes.

Sherman Ave: Is everyone?

Producer: Yes.

Sherman Ave: Does that mean you were alive in 2008?

Producer: Yes.


Sherman Ave: Who is your least favorite member of the cast.

Producer to other producer: Don’t say anything.  


Sherman Ave: What does it mean to be a producer?

Producer: As artistic producer I facilitate communication between all of the different design teams and across the board as a company as a whole. We are learning it and doing a good job.

Other Producer: I handle the budget, all of the money. And then I work with the fundraising and marketing teams to facilitate communication between them.

Sherman Ave: What does facilitate even mean?

Producer: It’s a good word! You should know what it means.

Sherman Ave:


Sherman Ave: You couldn’t get the rights to Hamilton?

Producer: Correct. We did try.

Sherman Ave: Can you imagine. That’s a show I would see.


Sherman Ave: We’ve never seen Camp Rock, can you give us a one sentence summary of what it’s about?

Producer: Bros and Hoes at camp.

Other Producer: The relationships and merits of music and people.


Sherman Ave: Which Jonas Brothers did you want to have sex with?

Producer: Shane Grey. That’s his Camp Rock name. Joe Jonas.

Other Producer: Nick, 100 percent all the way.

Sherman Ave: No one ever says Kevin :/


Sherman Ave: How much time do you guys put into this?

Producer: I’d say at least an hour a day.

Sherman Ave: In seconds, please.

Producer: Like a billion.


Sherman Ave: Who do you regret casting?

Producer: I regret not casting myself?

Sherman Ave: For real?

Producer: No.

Other Producer: At one of the shows I’m gonna run on stage during a group number.

Producer: We can’t do that.

Other Producer: We can’t do that at all.


Sherman Ave: What do you want out of this?

Producer: I hope to create an accurate reenactment of the vibes of 2008. I want people to feel it. Bops and slams.

Other Producer: A nostalgic run through the audience. On a more serious note, I hope it’s something we can all be proud of as a freshman class and it’s something that brings us together.

Producer: I just hope for bops and slams.


Sherman Ave: Do you guys think this will be better or worse than Pippin?

Producer: The same.


The Freshman Musical: Camp Rock is showing on May 18th at 7:30 & 10, and on May 19th at 7:30. Alternatively, Camp Rock the movie is showing at any time, for just $2.99 on Amazon.

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