Alison Gold to Release "Japanese Food" Single in Response to Rebecca Black's "Saturday"

BOCA, Fl. – It was announced today by PatoMuzic that Alison Gold will be releasing a new song, titled “Japanese Food,” after the rampant success of Rebecca Black’s new song “Saturday.” via

“The decision was an obvious one,” Gold said in an exclusive interview with Sherman Ave[1].  “After we saw that a one-hit wonder like [Black] could turn around and produce an even better song, I went right back to the studio to do what I do best: bubblegum pop featuring inaccurate yet equally crude racial stereotypes.”

Black’s new song, Saturday, talks about the aftermath of the fun had on Friday, which involved a small triceratops, singing on a beach, and an argument in a kitchen by two stoners about what day it is.

Gold was “moved by the video,” and has already started preparing for her own shoot.  “We want to stay true to the Japanese culture,” PatoMuzic director Patrice Wilson said.  “We’ve already begun shooting panoramic shots of the Great Wall, and are rearranging the studio so that a set of tweens can throw a Communist Revolution inside a Japanese restaurant.”

The video is set to debut later this week, and will be in your head for the entirety of finals week.

- Virgil Goldstaff

[1] Well, nobody else showed up to her press conference.

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