7 Tips For A Successful Podcast!

7 Tips For A Successful Podcast!

So you want to start your own podcast? How original! Follow our seven tips for a successful podcast, and maybe people will actually tune in to listen to your sniveling voice drone on and on about something you have little-to-no expertise in!

1. Start listening to some popular podcasts.

Serial is so hot right now. With over 39 million listeners, Serial examines the murder of Korean-American Hae Min Lee and focuses on the questionable guilt of her ex-boyfriend Adnan, who is currently serving time for her gruesome murder. Pay attention to the narrative style of Serial; what keeps the listeners coming back week after week when you can’t even get Gary to reply to your Facebook message?

2. Work on your brand.

A witty title can make or break a podcast’s success, so make sure you spend some time really focusing in on what story you want to tell. Try bringing in consultants to help you market your brand. Maybe ask Gary for some input–– when you got coffee last week, he mentioned that he was in that IMC module, right?

3. Invest in the right equipment.   

The Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone is good for starters, but if you really want to get that strong, clear tone, go for the Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone. If you are struggling with an unsteady mic, the Heil PR-40 combined with the Mackie 1402VLZ4 14-channel Compact Mixer will easily eliminate any troublesome feedback looping. Although proper equipment is expensive, it’s important to invest in your future with Gary, I mean, the future of podcasting.

4. Broaden your audience.

Make a podcast the whole family can enjoy! In order to achieve success in the podcast business, it is important that you appeal to a broad range of podcast listeners. Throw in a political reference for Mom and Dad! And Gary’s Aunt Susan loves polymer clay. Surely you could include her? That would be nice wouldn’t it?

5. Be prepared.

Make sure to plan the structure and content of your podcast. Design some new segments and try adding in a guest interview or two. Timing is key, so you must not waste any time getting lost in Gary’s eyes––– just ignore those two shining, bottomless pools of baby blue. Jingles can help transitions, but they certainly won’t help you struggle with your complicated feelings for Gary!

6. Make some money!

So you’ve got investors! MailChimp is in, and NPR has even offered to pick you up! You and Gary start your second season and sign a book deal. You fall in love. He proposes. For some reason that you still can not explain, you hesitate and get into a fight. Gary leaves to stay with his parents for a while and you start spending more and more time alone in the studio. One night, drunk on the internet, you agree to sell your eggs for money. You follow through with it and cry yourself to sleep. Gary forgives you, but it’s too late. He always wanted to be a father, and, as much as he loves you, he can't commit himself to a childless marriage. You break up, amicably, but spiral into an endless cycle of depression.

7. Have fun!

Podcasting is all about YOU! Make sure to be yourself and let your passions shine through your unending despair :)

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