26 Ways That Arrested Development Gets Your Life

26 Ways That Arrested Development Gets Your Life


1. When you try to hook up with that biddie from The Keg The Deuce, but your stupid roommate won’t leave: 

2. When you signed up for 9am classes every day of the week:









3. When you wake up after going to a crush party and didn’t lose your phone: 

4. When people go door-to-door in the dorms trying to get signatures:







5. When you realize just how badly you bombed your finals but are too emotionally exhausted to have a feeling:

6. When you give a presentation right after another group: 










7. When your TA doesn’t hold office hours or respond to emails: 






8. When your family tries to imitate a chicken without having ever seen one:









9. When you try to figure out how to pay for four years of tuition: 

10. When literally anyone ever gives you free alcohol:










11. When you find out your class has four midterms, a final paper and and a final exam:

12. When you get set up with a date for formal, and they’re in a relationship:

13. When you put ice cream between two chunks of hot cookie bar:

14. When you see a theater major doing anything:

15. When you finish your Chem final: 

16. When your CA says that there is absolutely no drinking in the dorms:








17. When your friend won’t leave the library to buttchug Skol with you:

18. When you don’t get invited to Arlington Downs:

19. When you wake up on Saturday morning in the bed of your lab partner: 

20. When you see someone in the library watching their seventh consecutive episode of Game of Thrones:

21. When you find out that the party has jungle juice:







22. When SESP students try to show you their GPAs:

23. When you go to Whole Foods:

24. When you walk out of your last final:









25. When you’re informed that you puked in a SafeRide the night before:

26. When you’re asked how you feel about Gob: 

What Do We Do About It?

What Do We Do About It?

Sorority Girl Too Busy Spending Time With Pledge Mom To Call Real Mom

Sorority Girl Too Busy Spending Time With Pledge Mom To Call Real Mom